Ordering Custom IEMs from RevoStage

A Simple Step-by-Step Guide

Looking to order custom in-ear monitors from RevoStage? It’s easier than you might think. Follow our simple step-by-step guide below to design and order your perfect set of custom in-ear monitors.


Your Ultimate Guide to Ordering Custom IEMs

Discover how easy it is to order your own custom in-ear monitors from RevoStage. Follow our step-by-step guide to elevate your audio experience to the next level.

Order & Design

Choose a custom in-ear monitor product page and select “Order Now.” Get in touch with our customer representative through the provided contact options.

After your order is approved, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to our Impressions Guide. Your audiologist will need to follow this guide in order to cast your ear impressions to our specifications.

Once your order is confirmed, you will collaborate with our talented designers and customer representative to create the perfect design for your custom in-ear monitors. Our skilled designers enable us to offer limitless design possibilities, encouraging you to explore your creativity and create a truly unique product.

We intentionally do not limit you to standard color choices and designs on our website, allowing you the freedom to fully customize your in-ear monitors.

Ear Impressions Guide

Upon approval of your order, we will send you the Ear Impressions Guide PDF via email. You’ll utilize the three documents from this guide in the remaining three steps.

Get Your Ear Impressions

Custom In-Ear Monitors require ear impressions. Find an audiologist near you and schedule an appointment to get ear impressions made for custom in-ear monitors. Take the Audiologist Impression Guide (provided via email) to your appointment to ensure your ear impressions are taken to our standards.

Please note, the cost of your ear impressions must be paid directly to the audiologist and cannot be billed to RevoStage.

Email Us Photos

After you have your ear impressions, take clear photos of them from the angles outlined in the Impressions Guide (provided via email). Email photos of your ear impressions for approval to [email protected]. You will receive a response in 2–3 business days.

Ship Your Ear Impressions

Once your ear impressions are approved, you’re ready to ship your ear impressions. Complete and include the Impressions Packing Slip. This is critical for us to accurately and quickly match your ear impressions to your online order from step one.

Please note, we highly recommend using a shipping method that provides a tracking number (e.g., FedEx, UPS, DHL). Customers, both domestic and international, are responsible for all courier fees, import taxes, and/or customs charges where applicable. RevoStage does not take responsibility for lost or stolen shipments before receipt has been confirmed by an official RevoStage representative.

Please ship your ear impressions and impressions packing slip to:

Name: Onur Tarçın, JOURNER
Adress: 3 Rue de la Hallebarde, Senlis 60300, FRANCE

If you live in Turkey, please ship your ear impressions and packing slip to:

Name: RevoStage TR  

Adress: Halil Rıfat Paşa Mah. Yüzer Havuz Sok.

Perpa Ticaret Merkezi B-Blok, 13. Kat, No: 2352

Şişli, Istanbul 34384, Türkiye

Allow up to one business day for processing after your ear impressions arrive at the RevoStage lab. Once processed, you will receive a confirmation receipt of your ear impressions.

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